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Events in and around Bruny Island

Seasonal Events in and Around Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia

Bruny Island is a picturesque island off the south-east coast of Tasmania, known for its wildlife, pristine beaches, and fresh seafood. It is an ideal escape for nature lovers, foodies, and anyone looking for a peaceful retreat. Throughout the year, Bruny Island hosts several exciting and fun-filled seasonal events that showcase the best of the island's culture and natural beauty. In this guide, we explore some of the must-attend events that take place in and around Bruny Island.


Winter on Bruny Island is a magical time when the island transforms into a winter wonderland, complete with snow-capped mountains and frosty mornings. While the island is quieter during this time of year, there is still plenty to do.

The Hobart Winter Festival: This festival takes place in Hobart, just a short ferry ride from Bruny Island. It features live music, ice-skating, winter-themed markets, and food stalls serving up warming winter treats. The festival usually takes place in June and July.

Bruny Island Winter Feast: This annual event takes place in July and is a celebration of food, fire, and music. The feast showcases the best of Tasmanian produce and features a long table feast, live music, and fire performances.


Spring on Bruny Island is a great time to explore the island's natural beauty, with wildflowers in bloom, baby animals frolicking in fields, and migrating whales passing through. There are also several exciting events to check out.

Bruny Island Bird Festival: This festival celebrates the island's diverse birdlife and takes place in October. The festival includes bird-watching tours, talks from bird experts, and a bird photography competition.

Kettering Flower Show: This annual event takes place in September and features stunning floral displays, gardening talks, and a produce market.


Summer is the peak tourist season on Bruny Island, with warm weather and long daylight hours making it the perfect time to enjoy the island's beaches and water activities. There are also several popular events to keep you entertained during the summer months.

Bruny Island Taste of the Huon: This event takes place in March and celebrates the best of Huon Valley produce, including apples, mushrooms, and seafood. The festival also features live music, cooking demonstrations, and a market.

Bruny Island Race Day: This popular event takes place in January and features a day of horse racing, food stalls, and live music.


Autumn on Bruny Island is a time of natural beauty, with the island's forests turning vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold. There are also several exciting events to attend.

Bruny Island Long Table: This event takes place in May and is a celebration of Tasmanian produce. The long table dinner features locally sourced ingredients and wine, served in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Tasmanian Whisky Week: This event celebrates Tasmanian whisky and takes place in April. The week includes distillery tours, whisky tastings, and talks from whisky experts.

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Bruny Island Tourism Association
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Email: info@brunyisland.org.au

views of the cliffs on South Bruny National Park Photo thanks to Benny Marty
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