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Flights and Travel into Bruny Island

How to Travel to Bruny Island in Tasmania, Australia

Bruny Island, located just off the southeastern coast of Tasmania, offers stunning landscapes, wildlife encounters, and a tranquil getaway. To help you plan your trip to this beautiful island, here's a guide on how to get there:

1. Getting to Hobart:
- If you're starting your journey outside of Tasmania, you'll first need to fly to Hobart. Hobart International Airport is serviced by several major airlines, providing domestic and limited international flights.
- From mainland Australia, you can also take a ferry from Melbourne to Devonport, and then drive south to Hobart (approximately a 4-hour drive).

2. Departing from Hobart:
- From Hobart, drive south on the A6 highway towards Kettering, a small town located approximately 30 minutes away.
- Alternatively, you can catch a bus or organize a shuttle service from Hobart to Kettering.

3. Kettering:
- Once in Kettering, you'll need to board a vehicular ferry to cross over to Bruny Island.
- The ferry operates regularly throughout the day and can carry both cars and passengers.
- You can purchase tickets at the ferry terminal or book them in advance online to secure your spot.

4. Arriving at Bruny Island:
- The ferry journey from Kettering to Bruny Island takes around 20 minutes.
- On arrival, drive off the ferry and follow the main road (Tasmanian Tourist Route C629) towards the southern part of the island.
- Bruny Island is made up of two main land masses, which are connected by a narrow isthmus called "The Neck."

5. Exploring Bruny Island:
- Bruny Island offers a range of attractions and activities to enjoy, including beautiful beaches, stunning coastal walks, wildlife spotting, and tantalizing local produce.
- Visit the towering Cape Bruny Lighthouse, take a wilderness cruise to admire the rugged coastline and spot wildlife like seals, dolphins, and sea birds, or simply relax on one of the island's serene beaches.
- Don't miss the opportunity to savor local culinary delights, including freshly shucked oysters, artisan cheeses, and handcrafted chocolate.

6. Returning to the Mainland:
- To return to Hobart or continue your onward journey, you'll need to catch the ferry back from Bruny Island to Kettering.
- Remember to check the ferry timetable to ensure you don't miss your desired departure time.

Please note that it's advisable to check for any travel restrictions or requirements before embarking on your trip, as they may vary due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Enjoy your visit to Bruny Island, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and serenity this picturesque destination has to offer!

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